Moonbase Lambda – Beta Download

Moonbase Lambda is a 1-bit styled roguelike horror game where you have to figure out how to escape from a moon base that’s been invaded by a hostile alien lifeform.

In Moonbase Lambda you awaken from a cryogenic sleep to find that the moon base you’re stationed in is abandoned. The reason the base is abandoned soon becomes apparent (a giant tentacled alien monster) and you need to figure out how to escape the base while avoiding it.

It could do with a little more lore and a little more guidance – it can be quite tricky to figure out what you’re supposed to be doing and the randomly generated base layout makes it very easy to get lost. Aside from that though it’s a very promising game, with excellent audio/visual design, a freaky monster and plenty of objectives to complete before you make your escape. Or rather, IF you manage to make your escape!

Download The Moonbase Lambda Beta Here (Windows)