Moonscars – Alpha Demo

Moonscars is a beautifully animated dark fantasy Souls-like action RPG where a woman made of clay attempts to unravel the mystery of her existence.

In Moonscars you find yourself in a ruined world that’s populated by living clay beings that were created by The Sculptor. You take on the role of one such clay being, and you’re on a quest to find the Sculptor and discover some truth and purpose to your life. Along the way you’ll meet strange characters, discover secrets and battle the many clay monsters that roam the land.

At the moment Moonscars does have some serious problems with its narrative (it’s convoluted, overly wordy and very hard to follow), but other than that it shows a lot of promise. The environments and pixel art animation are beautiful, the combat is nice and fluid (though the special attack could do with less wind-up time) and the clay-people premise is intriguing. If the devs could streamline the dialogue and make it a little easier to follow it could be an excellent game.

Download The Moonscars Alpha Demo Here (Steam)