MòŌóN – Prototype Download

MoOoN game download

MòŌóN is a charming and challenging roguelike zero gravity spelunking shooter in which you help The Major explore treacherous caves, blast enemies and find the lost parts required to build his ship before his air runs out.

In MòŌóN you control The Major, a stranded astronaut who jetpacks his way around a procedurally generated cave system looking for parts of his crashed spaceship. The pixel art caves that you explore look beautiful, but they’re also packed with all manner of strange alien beasts, all of which don’t take to kindly to your presence.

The procedurally generated cave systems often have branching routes, guns and ship parts to find, but you don’t want to dawdle – time is of the essence as your air levels are constantly depleting (though enemies sometimes drop canisters that replenish it). As you progress the enemies get tougher and weirder, and the weaponry you find ranges from the feeble revolver to powerful super-shotguns or grenade launchers – all of which have unlimited ammo, but have a small cooldown period for them to recharge.

It’s still only in the prototype stages of development, but MòŌóN really impresses with its fun selection of weaponry, quirky alien designs, fast paced roguelike arcade action and excellent pixel art animation. A great little space alien blasting space adventure well worth blasting off for.

Download MòŌóN Here (Windows)