MOOP – Game Jam Build Download

MOOP is a charming and cheerful puzzle adventure in which you play an adorable little alien called Moop, who assists some rather befuddled survivors after a spaceship crashes on his home planet.

In MOOP, you take control of Moop, a friendly little alien who is very excited as it’s his birthday, his dad is coming home from where he’s stationed and he gets to eat some special birthday soup! Moop’s homeland is a happy and carefree place, filled with quirky characters and natural beauty. However, things soon change when a giant spacecraft blows up in the sky, sending debris everywhere and leaving a crewmember incapacitated in front of your house. Moop to the rescue!

It’s an adorable little adventure that really impresses with its stylish pixel art visuals, quirky characters, fun puzzle design and funny dialogue (the medical robot especially). It’s a great little game in which every character you meet will make you smile, whether due to the local population’s joyful exuberance or the spaceship crew’s general confusion. Highly recommended.

Download MOOP Here (Windows)