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Moor is a very cool new first person roguelike dungeon crawler with a stylish blend of 3D and 2D sprite based visuals in which you make your way through levels of a procedurally generated labyrinth, fighting enemies, collecting loot, solving puzzles and battling huge bosses.

The goal of Moor is simple – try to get as far down into the dungeon as possible before your inevitable demise. As you progress you’ll battle goblins, skeletons, zombies, creepy crawlies and bosses while collecting lots of cool loot – including weapons, shields, potions and magical rings. You can block enemy attacks by holding the right mouse buttons to raise the shield (which uses stamina) and to attack you need to hold the left mouse button long enough to make a full backswing then release.

As well as battling minions and bosses, you’ll also find secret rooms and puzzle rooms scattered around the dungeons that shake up the gameplay a little. The procedurally generated labyrinth promises a new adventure every time you play and the game has a satisfying loop of monster staying and loot collecting – but you’ll need to be careful, it has a permadeath system that will delete your save upon death!

Moor is still early in development and still has some features to be implemented, but it already offers a very addictive mix of first person dungeon crawling, monster slaying and loot collecting, wrapped up a charming retro visual style. We look forward to seeing much more or Moor!

Note: To change weapons, bring up your inventory then drag the desired weapon to your weapon slot at the far bottom left of the screen. Also, when attacking make sure to hold the left mouse button long enough to get a good backswing (otherwise your attacks will be ineffective).

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Download The Moor Alpha Demo Here or Here (Windows)