Morino Monster – Game Jam Build

Morino Monster, a clever little adventure game made for the A Game By It’s Cover Jam 2017, has the light in your room controlling the day and night cycle in a world full of monsters!

Thats right, in Morino Monster, your own light switch is a part of the game. You are a hero, living in a tent far from home. You are looking to make your way home, however, you will need to befriend and use monsters abilities to your advantage along the way to aid your progress. Monsters really love a type of berry that you have set up camp by. The only issue is, this plant is dead.

In order to bring the plant back to life, you will need to water it. A few of the monsters lurking about have the ability to shoot water from their mouths. If you can lure them back to your camp, you might be able to use them to bring the plant back to life. There are a lot of walls between you and the monsters, which are up or down depending on if it is day or night. You must manage the light in your room to make your way to the monsters waiting for you! Once you have the berries from your plant, you can befriend the monsters around you and continue to use their abilities to help instead of hinder you.

It’s a very clever concept that uses the light and dark mechanics in lots of inventive ways as you make your way home. A great little game well worth shining a light on (then off, then on again…)

Note: Monster Mornio does require a webcam and a light switch (or you can use a flashlight or cover and uncover the webcam).

Play Morino Monster Here (Browser)