Morphing Maria – Game Jam Build

Morphing maria

Morphing Maria, a Mario inspired puzzler made for the Ludum Dare 35, has you shape shifting to solve puzzles as you attempt to find your lost plummer who has been kidnapped the day before your wedding day.

You are Maria, the princess, who was going to marry a plumber Pete. After Pete has been captured, you decided that you must go after him, into the castle do bring him back. Each level of the castle has an animal for you to morph into to help you along. These animals give you abilities you don’t currently have in your human form.

The bear, for example, allows you to move boxes while the snake allows you to slither under doors. As you make your way through the level, you will find doors in your way. You must push blocks onto buttons, use keys, or slither underneath them. You do have to change animals to do these different actions, so you need to choose where you go and what you do wisely. If you mess up, you have to restart the puzzle.

The cute pixel art visuals, clever level design and fun shapeshifting gameplay make for an interesting and charming puzzle adventure.  Will you save your beloved plumber?

Play Morphing Maria Here (Browser)