Morse COD – Game Jam Build Download

Morse COD is a tricky little WWII turret defense game that sees you issuing orders to three turrets using morse code to fend off the aquatic menace that is invading your shores.

In Morse COD you have to tap out morse code signals to three different turrets on the battlefield to get them to attack the hordes of enemy sealife that are attacking. Each animal that crawls up onto the beach has a different letter associated with it so you need to tap out the corresponding code for that letter to get your turrets to attack.

Tapping out commands in morse code does take a little getting used to. Thankfully initially you don’t need to look up or remember the codes as they will be directly below the animals, but as you progress you’ll have to start figuring them out yourself, which is when your morse code skill will really get tested!

It’s a fun little game, with challenging morse code tapping gameplay and a great sense of humor – especially the to the excellent voicework that punctuates each round, giving you an overview of how the war is progressing. A fun fishy morse code shooter that’ll test your tapping skills to the limits!

Download Morse COD Here (Windows, Mac & Linux)