Mortal Crowns – Beta Download

Mortal Crowns is a cleverly constructed adventure that sees you cracking codes, solving puzzles and collecting stuffed animals while navigating an ancient labyrinth filled with monsters.

In Mortal Crowns you take on the role of a young girl who can teleport into an ancient labyrinth through a picture on her bedroom wall. The labyrinth is packed full of puzzles that require keen observation and good codebreaking skills (it’s the sort of game that a notepad can come in handy for). You do have a little assistance in the form of two talkative skulls at the bottom of the screen, but the puzzles are still pretty tough and all the while you’re being pursued by a minotaur…

If the minotaur catches you then you enter into an RPG-eque turn based battle with you able to attack, defend, run away or use a special skill (courtesy of the stuffed animal you’ve taken with you). At the moment these battles are more annoying than entertaining as they lack depth and don’t really serve much purpose other than allowing you to escape the minotaur. It does create a little bit of panic when you see the minotaur, but the encounters are a little too frequent and they tend to just distract from the challenging puzzles that you’re trying to solve – this could perhaps be rectified by earning hints for the puzzles from each battle.

It won’t be for everyone, the puzzles are very tough and the minotaur is a bit of a pain in the ass, but if you’re looking for a stylish, interesting, and atmospheric puzzle adventure that will really test your grey matter then Mortal Crowns has you covered. The labyrinth is a very intriguing place to explore and is packed full of interesting secrets – just watch out for that minotaur!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Mortal Crowns Alpha Here (Windows)