Mortal Kombat: The Chosen One – Alpha Download

Mortal Kombat The Chosen one

Mortal Kombat: The Chosen One is a very cool fan made Mortal Kombat-based side scrolling beat-em-up, crafted in the OpenBOR engine that features Carolina (The Chosen One) and a roster of other playable characters from Mortal Kombat’s Liu Kang to the Killer Instinct’s Jago.

Featuring fully digitised character models, each with a wide array of special moves, Mortal Kombat: The Chosen One is a thoroughly enjoyable old-school beat-em-up experience.  The current build features 7 playable characters (Carolina, Raiden, Kitana, Jago, Tusk, Liu Kang and Midas), but the full game will have a few unlockable characters too (including Batman).

The action takes place across seven levels, and includes one boss fight at the moment.  It’s a fun game and a lot of work has clearly gone into the playable characters move-sets, with each one capable of a wide variety of spectacular special moves and finishers.  Some of the characters could do with a little faster animation, but the Mortal Kombat characters in particular are a blast to play with.

Still early in development, Mortal Kombat: The Chosen One does have a few rough edges (and we’d love to see more variety in enemies),  but they can easily be forgiven and it’s already WAY better than Mortal Kombat: Sub Zero Chronicles!

NOTE:  Mortal Kombat: The Chosen One is played via the OpenBOR Engine, which comes with the download.  Once extracted, simply move the ‘MK_The_Chosen_One_1.1.pak’ file into the correct Pak folder (‘OpenBOR_v3.0_Build_4153/WINDOWS/OpenBOR/Paks’ – If playing on Windows) then open the OpenBOR.exe.  To enable a controller, just map the buttons in the options menu.  Alt+Enter for Full Screen.

Follow the Development of Mortal Kombat: The Chosen One HERE

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Download Mortal Kombat: The Chosen One HERE (We’d Recommend Playing as Raiden first)