Mortal Sin – Alpha Demo

Mortal Sin is a gloriously brutal first person action-horror roguelike where you slice up monsters, earn perks and collect loot as you fight your way through procedurally generated dungeons.

Featuring a beautiful graphic novel visual style and buckets of red blood, Mortal Sin is a fast paced melee-focused first person roguelike where you fight your way through nightmarish dungeons to destroy the source of evil that cursed you. The current build features two different procedurally generated environments to tackle – castle dungeons and a labyrinthine cave system. In each level you need to find switches to unlock trapdoors that allow you to descend to the lower levels.

As you descend down each level of the dungeons you face hordes of bloodthirsty monsters that you can dismember and slay using melee attacks, parries, kicks and various spells. The environment is also a packed full of deadly traps which can actually aid you – the monsters are damaged by the traps too, so luring them into the traps is a very useful strategy.

You start the Mortal Sin with just a sword, but as you make your way down through the depths you can collect lots of different equipment, spells, perks and weapons to equip your character with. You also collect orbs which can be used to craft basic starting equipment on your next run (though you’ll likely find better equipment in the first level of the dungeon).

It’s a hell of a lot of fun slicing your way through Mortal Sin’s blood-splattered dungeons. The melee combat feels great and the way you can dismember your enemies is particularly enjoyable and affects how they behave (they can’t see if you chop off their heads and they can’t cast spells if you chop off their arms, etc). Allowing the monsters to be damaged by the traps (and each other) is another great touch and there’s something very satisfying about watching them get torn to shreds in them. A sinful blood-soaked roguelike that’ll make you smile with glee.

Check Out a Mortal Sin Gameplay Video Here

Download The Mortal Sin Alpha Demo Here (Steam)