MORTEM – Alpha Demo


MORTEM is a tense jump-scare filled first person horror in which you play a life or death game of hide and seek with a demonic girl, and your only sanctuary is to hide in the closet!

In MORTEM you play a family man called Tim Collins. After arriving home late one night you find that no-ones there… no-one apart from MORTEM that is – a malevolent girl-like spirit who wants to play with you! She seems particularly fond of hide and seek, but if you lose, you’ll lose your life.

In the game you must search the house and find MORTEM. When you find her she’ll stand perfectly still until you flash your light at her. Once you flash your light at her she’ll go crazy, hunt you down and rip you to shreds. The only way to escape is by running and hiding in the closet and turning off your light. Closet hiding is when the game is at it’s most tense, and we really don’t recommend turning on your light prematurely!

Although it’s visually very impressive already, MORTEM is still very early in development, so there are bugs, glitches and some minor gameplay frustrations. It certainly does what it sets out to do though – scare the crap out of you with terrifying jump scares! The demo’s hide and seek gameplay can get a bit repetitive after a while, but It’s a promising teaser for things to come, and well worth checking out for fans of jump scare horror.

Note: You can only hide in the closet once the MORTEM is chasing you (press spacebar to enter it)

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