Mortimer – GameJam Build Download


Mortimer is a fun pixel art gm(48) jam game with an excellent soundtrack and a wicked sense of humor, that sees you playing a mortician who’s found a novel way to drum up business for his struggling funeral parlour – killing his fellow townsfolk then charging to hold their funerals.

Mortimer may look harmless, but he’s pretty deadly with a knife.  Your objective is to kill as many townsfolk as possible each day then escape in your car, so that you can hold funerals for them, and spend the money you earn upgrading your parlour or learning new kill techniques.

Killing people is easy, but getting away with it is where things get tricky.  You must wait until your prey is isolated and out of sight before you go in for the kill.  Murder is a messy business so you have to clean up after every kill and hide the body before anyone notices.  If you get caught in the act then you’ll lose all your earning for the day and you’ll have to escape before the cops arrive (or it’s game over).

Murder is very good for business, but getting caught isn’t.  You’ll have to to be pretty sneaky to maximize your profits in this fun stealth murder-em-up.

[SPACE] Action, clean blood, enter car
[LEFT MOUSE] Lunge and strike
[RIGHT MOUSE] Pick up bodies

Download Mortimer HERE