Mosaic – Game Jam Build Download

Mosaic is a unique little music based puzzler that sees you attempting to find and activate hidden switches to light up a beautiful pixel art soundscape.

In Mosaic you hover your mouse over a darkened mosaic artwork and attempt to find the four hidden switches within them. When you’re near one of these switches you’ll start to hear an instrument playing, with it getting louder the closer you are to the switch. Once you locate the switch you can then click it to light up a section of the mosaic picture and keep the instrument’s audio track playing in the background.

With each switch you turn on, you not only illuminate the images, but also add another instrument to the music track that’s playing. You have to be careful though – you only have a certain amount of clicks (so you need to be sure you’re over the switch before you click), and later on hazards are added that will lose you clicks even if you just hover over them.

It’s a tough game, particularly when trying to find the final instrument in a track, but it’s a beautiful experience that elicits great pleasure as you listen to each song building as you progress. A Music game that’s actually about listening to the music, instead of tapping buttons when prompts pop up.

Note: Headphones highly recommended. When you hover over a switch it will wiggle a little to give you an indication you’re in the righ place.

Download Mosaic Here (Weekly Jam Version is Best)