Moth Extraction – Game Jam Build Download

Moth Extraction is a short and incredibly gross little game where you try and pull a moth out of your ear using a weird floppy hook!

Created for Ludum Dare 48, in Moth Extraction you find yourself with a moth lodged in your ear canal and you need to extract it. This is easier said than done though as your extraction tool is a floppy hook and the moth takes up most of the space in your ear canal.

It may seem impossible at first, but with a little perseverance you’ll be able to extract the little creature. You need to use a little patience, skill and luck to try and hook the moth’s abdomen and pull it out. Go in too fast and you may end up pushing the moth into your brain, which won’t end well for you or the moth!

It’s a very short and simple game, but also a lot of fun. Digging around in your ear for a moth is a delightfully disgusting concept and it would be great for expending on, perhaps with you trying to extract different creatures from different orifices!

Play or Download Moth Extraction Here (Windows & Browser)