Moth Kubit – Beta Demo

Moth Kubit is a satirical kafkaesque RPG adventure about a moth who embarks on a very weird adventure after being promoted in a soulless megacorporation.

In Moth Kubit you are an ordinary insect who works in an office building filled with bug-reaucrats. It’s a pretty dull and soul-crushing job, but you’re very good at it. So good in fact that one day you receive a promotion and you set out on an eye-opening adventure filled with oddball characters and puzzles. You’ll also learn about the mysterious “Final Process” that may end up affecting the fate of the world…

It’s a very unique and quirky RPG adventure with lots of clever humor that pokes fun at bureaucracy and office life. The pixel art is excellent, with lots of clever environmental design and the puzzles are very creative too. Easily the most fun you’ll have in an office job.

Download The Moth Kubit Beta Demo Here (Steam)