Mother Chef: The Musical – Download Game

Mother Chef: The Musical is a very silly little adventure where you listen to ridiculous songs that your customer sings then make food babies for him to eat.

Created for the Wowie Jam 3.0, in Mother Chef: The Musical you are tasked with preparing three delicious meals for a customer. However, this is no ordinary cooking game. First your customer raps a song that contains the ingredients he wants in his meal, then you select the items from a vending machine. You then give the items to the cook who eats all the ingredients then “cooks” them and gives birth to them 9 months later.

It’s all absolutely ridiculous and it surely violates several health and safety guidelines, but it is very entertaining, thanks largely to the roice acting and the silly songs. It’s guaranteed to make you smile and there’s even a (barely hidden) secret ending to find for more food-based fun!

Download Here (Windows)