Mother Is That You? – Kickstarter Demo

Mother Is That You? is a very freaky 2D pixel art horror adventure which follows a little girl as she confronts her nightmares and seeks her mother within the festering halls of an old abandoned asylum.

In Mother Is That You? you take on the role of a young girl who lives at home alone with her father. However, her father has some serious anger issues which often leave her in fear of her life, so she sets out in search of the only person in her life who could give her warmth and comfort – her mother. Unfortunately, the last place her mother was see nas in a large multi-storey asylum, which has long since been abandoned and is now haunted by all manner of grotesque monstrosities.

In each floor of the asylum you’ll have to search around for useful objects and the keys required to open the door to the next level. However, the asylum is filled with a variety of different supernatural entities and monsters – some are harmless, some are even helpful, but the vast majority of them will kill you instantly. They come in many forms, but of particular note is the “Black Child of Mist” which will hunt you down if you make too much noise, which is easy to do when the hallways are congested with objects that break when you bump into them!

It isn’t perfect and does feel a little slow paced at times, but there’s a lot to like about Mother Is That You? The pixel art animation is packed full of great little details (such as ghosts moving in paintings) and as well as the supernatural horror in the asylum you learn of the real-life psychological horror your character has been through during the story sections between levels. You really feel for the timid little girl as the nightmares she’s witnessing in the asylum are nothing when compared to the nightmare she’s been living through at home. Highly recommended.

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