The MOTHERGUNSHIP devs have released a very cool new demo build which allows players to craft all manner of high powered weaponry and test them out in eight enemy-filled arenas.

As we mentioned during the Beta sign up MOTHERGUNSHIP is an intense first person shooter that features an awesome blend of OTT weaponry, bullet hell and badass bosses. It puts you in the heavily armed shoes of humanity’s last hope as you do battle against hordes of robotic alien invaders in fast paced old school run n’ gun combat. The MOTHERGUNSHIP demo gives you a chance to test out the highly modifiable gun crafting system and test out the guns you make on in a selection of deadly enemy-filled arenas.

Crating your guns is easy – you just slot together different modules, comprised of gun barrels, connectors and caps. There’s a wide variety of modules to choose from and there are no real limits to the size of gun you can make, but the more barrels you add the faster your ammo depletes – so you may end up unleashing armageddon for a second then waiting ages to reload if you’re not careful.

Once you’ve crafted your guns you can test them out in a series of test arenas, filled with massive mechanical monstrosities for you to blast. You’ll earn tokens in each arena that you can then use to purchase more parts for your guns before moving on to the next arena.

It’s a fun game with a great sense of humor, easily accessible gun building mechanics and some very enjoyable run n’ gun bullet hell first person combat that’ll really test your strafing and shooting skills. Messing about with the gun builder is almost as fun as using the guns and those aliens won’t know what’s hit ‘em when you unleash your magnificently crafted creations!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The MOTHERGUNSHIP Beta Demo here (Steam)