Motionsickness – Alpha Download

Motionsickness is a new retro styled low poly 3D fighting game that uses different control schemes to cater for different skill levels of players as you do battle in fast paced 1v1 matches.

Currently in development by Andrea “Jens” Demetrio (creator of the excellent Schwarzerblitz) Motionsickness is a PS1/PS2 styled low poly fighting game that rewards player skill. It looks and plays quite similarly to Schwarzerblitz, but a key difference is the control system, or rather the fact that it has four of them! The control systems (Basic, Standard, Motion Madness and X-Treme) cater to different player skill levels, with the Basic mode allowing for simple one-button specials but with a reduced damage level and the Motion Madness mode having the most damage and more special moves, but much more complicated button sequences.

The current build of Motionsickness is still early in development but it’s already a lot of fun and has a good amount of content. It features nine playable characters, 14 different stages, local multiplayer and an arcade mode with a final boss fight. The combat feels great and the different control styles do a great job of balancing accessibility with the depth and complexity required to reward player skill. A competitive multiplayer fighting game that doesn’t pull its punches.

Download The Motionsickness Alpha Here (Windows)