Moussacre – Beta Demo

Moussacre is a very fast paced and chaotic Pizza Tower-esque action platformer that stars a cartoon mouse who looks a lot like a certain mouse Disney lost the copyright on recently.

In Moussacre you take control of a black and white cartoon mouse called MouseTrap, who kills his victims and steals their color. He was locked up in prison for a century and was forced to star in family friendly cartoons, but now he’s escaped and he’s attempting to siege the Hue Fortress – a massive tower which contains an ultimate source of color, and which may finally satisfy his cravings.

Moussacre looks and plays quite similarly to Pizza Tower. MouseTrap is very fast and agile, and feels a little overpowered, but in a good way. Meanwhile the cartoony visuals look great, with excellent character animation and lots of fun little background touches. A speedy slashing platformer that Disney certainly wouldn’t approve of!

Download The Moussacre Beta Demo Here (Steam)