Mouthwashing – Beta Demo

Mouthwashing is a surreal Sci-Fi horror adventure where an interplanetary crew descends into madness after being stranded in an uncharted region of space.

Being created by Wrong Organ (creators of the excellent How Fish is Made), Mouthwashing tells the tragic story of five crew members aboard a stranded spaceship. It seems that at some point the captain went rogue and tried to crash the ship. He’s now very much the worse for wear and the other four need to find a way to survive. Supplies will run out soon, but perhaps salvation will lie within the cargo hold. Whatever the ship was transporting can surely be of some help…

The Mouthwashing demo takes around 30 minutes to play through and does a great job of worldbuilding and delivering its twisted story. There are some clever little touches, a healthy dose of dark humor and the game’s hazy orange glow and descent into madness is fondly reminiscent of Danny Boyle’s Sunshine. There’s no way this story will end well for anyone involved, but at least everyone will have minty fresh breath! Highly recommended.

Check Out a Mouthwashing Gameplay Video Here

Download The Mouthwashing Beta Demo Here (Steam)