Mr. Buttman’s Grand Opening – Game Jam Build

Mr. Buttman’s Grand Opening is a very silly little stealth farting game where you control a man with a fully functioning butt for a head, who is attempting to hand out fliers for the grand opening of his restaurant.

Mr. Buttman suffers from a very rare abnormality – he has a butt for a head. Despite his affliction he lives a fairly normal life and is even opening his own restaurant, which he’s currently trying to hand out fliers for. However, breathing in and out of a butt gives him chronic bad breath, so he needs to hold his breath whenever he’s near a potential customer or he’ll scare them away!

You have 50 fliers to hand out for the grand opening, but you also have to breathe or you’ll pass out. This means you have to continually alternate between handing out fliers and finding an area that’s clear of people where you can release your noxious fart breath. You’ll have to get a move on too – you only have three minutes to hand out those fliers!

The gameplay in Mr. Buttman’s Grand Opening is pretty simple, but its quirky premise, bizarre looking character and silly farting sounds makes for a funny little game that’s bound to make you smile. A butt-load of farty fun.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Play Mr. Buttman’s Grand Opening Here (Browser)