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Mr Maim is a fun little FPS where a mime uses invisible mime weapons to blast hordes of clowns that are trying to color him in!

Created for the Global Game Jam, Mr Maim is an inventive little FPS that sees a black and white mime fighting back against hordes of clowns that are attempting to colour him in. As he’s a mime, he has no physical weapons, but thankfully the ones that he can mime are just as effective!

Your goal is to blast 200 of the clowns that start swarming the arena. You can switch between four different mime weapons to achieve this – a knife, a chainsaw, a shotgun and grenades. The grenades are good for blowing up groups of clowns and chainsaw kills replenish health but they both have cooldowns so you can’t just spam them. There are also a few taunts you can perform by pressing “E”.

The intro is in Spanish and the game does get a little repetitive after a few minutes, but the mime weapons are a fantastic concept that would be perfect for expanding on. It proves you don’t need guns to make a fun FPS, just a little imagination!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Mr Maim Here (Windows)

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  1. You should make the balls pies instead and give the clowns different color hair. You could have like different ability clowns. Flower water gag, electric hand shake, or a clown that summons balloon animals.

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