Mr Red’s Jolly Balls – Alpha Download

Mr Red’s Jolly Balls is a delightfully silly and charming little festive third person platforming adventure where you fight evil gnomes and return stolen presents to children at Christmas time.

Mr Red’s Jolly Balls starts with a wonderfully whimsical little live-action sock-puppet intro video, telling you that the evil Nutkraken has stolen all the Snowball Kids’ presents and Mr Red sets out to set things right. You control Mr Red, an odd looking Muppet-esque creature as he makes his way through three levels, collecting presents, battling evil evil gnomes and facing off against the nasty Nutkraken.

It’s a fairly simple 3D action platforming adventure, but the world is packed full of secrets to discover and the visual design and voicework is absolutely adorable (particularly the intro vid). A great little bite-sized adventure to get you in the festive spirit. Merry Christmas!

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The Mr Red’s Jolly Balls Alpha Here (Windows)