Mr Shifty – Beta Download

mr shifty beta download

Mr Shifty is a super cool mix of fast paced Hotline Miami-style top down action, Nightcrawler-style teleportation and slow mo bullet time, in which you play a super fast assassin who is attempting to break into the world’s most secure facility.

We first covered Mr Shifty last summer during the Closed Beta sign up phase and were very impressed with the gameplay possibilities afforded by the short distance teleportation skills of the main character which allowed you to shift through bullets, walls and even people. It has some other cool tricks up its sleeves other than just teleportation though, such as the ability to pick up and use weapons, kick doors into enemies faces and even slow down time to a crawl when you’re in danger of getting shot.

The action is very fast paced and packed full of bone crunching combat and environmental destruction. The teleportation is more than just a gimmick too – it really allows you to get the drop on your enemies and get out of tight spots in a flash. It’s a very cool game, that makes you feel like a real badass when playing it. Well worth checking out for some adrenaline fuelled top down combat packed full of carnage and teleporting trickery.

Check Out The Mr Shifty Steam Page Here

Check Out a Mr Shifty Gameplay Video Here

UPDATE: This Beta Is No Longer Available