Muddy Heights – GameJam Build Download

muddy heights

Muddy Heights is a very crude and very funny #indiesvspewdiepie gamejam game that see’s you perching your buttocks over the side of a highrise apartments’ windowsill and letting fly with an almighty turd – making sure to aim it to cause as much carnage as possible on the street below. Yup, we finally got there, it’s a poop simulator!

Obviously this isn’t highbrow humor, but it’s great fun – especially once your turd hits the pavement and panic-filled pedestrians keep on slipping on it.  Like Burnout’s excellent crash time events, you aim your shot to cause as much carnage as possible, it’s funniest to hit the pedestrians, but you can cause all manner of mayhem, smearing pedestrians, flipping busses and causing pile-ups.  It’s remarkable the amount of carnage a single little piece of excrement can do!  You can even use in-came currency to purchase foodstuffs such as chilli’s and cheeseburgers which beef up your payload for maximum destruction.

It’s rude, crude and pretty childish, but Muddy Heights proves that crapping on people from a great hight is remarkably fun.  Beware: Heavy Rain!

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Download or Play Muddy Heights in a Unity Supported Browser HERE