Mullet Mad Jack – Beta Demo

Mullet Mad Jack is an adrenaline-fuelled 80’s/90’s anime inspired roguelite FPS where you need a hit of dopamine every 10 seconds or you’ll die.

Playing like an anime-filled fusion of Crank and [Post Void], Mullet Mad Jack is a very fast-paced FPS where you need to keep moving and killing or you’ll die. You’re tasked with saving a kidnapped influencer who is being held in a skyscraper filled with murderous robots. The world is also run by “Robobillionares” and you’re part of an extreme game show (there’s a lot of anime craziness going on!)

After one of the greatest anime-styled intros you’re likely to come across you then step into the randomly generated tower and start kicking ass. Your timer is always ticking down from ten seconds, with it dropping faster if you take damage, and if it reaches zero you die. However, you can top up the timer a little by killing enemies, and a lot by drinking soda and performing special melee weapon kills.

Between levels you’ll be able to choose from a selection of three perks/weapons, which should help make you into an even deadlier killing machine. At the end of each floor you will then have your timer deactivated and battle a boss.

It’s a ridiculously cool anime-filled thrill-ride that delivers non-stop action between the start and finish of each level. There’s a real sense of urgency to the gameplay and the kills are gloriously brutal. A badass anime FPS where a dangerous man with dangerous hair does dangerous things. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Mullet Mad Jack Gameplay Video Here

Download The Mullet Mad Jack Beta Demo Here (Steam)