Multidisc – Game Jam Build

Multidisc is a simple, stylish and addictive little rhythm action arcade game where you attempt to block incoming projectiles with the correctly colored paddle.

Created for the Geta Game Jam 9, Multidisc is a fast paced little arcade game where you attempt to protect your core by blocking the differently colored incoming projectiles with the matching paddles. The gameplay is synced to the beats of the music and you simply have to move the mouse to rotate the paddles and line them up correctly.

It’s a fun little game that is easy to pick up and play, but hard to master – particularly when you have multiple incoming projectiles to deal with simultaneously. It’d be nice to see it expanded on as there are only two songs in the current build, though they do offer a nice amount of challenge and sync up with the gameplay well. A simple, stylish little rhythm game with a lot of potential.

Download Multidisc Here (Windows)