Murder 38 – Episode One: A Small World – Game Jam Build Download

Murder 38 game download

Murder 38 – Episode One: A Small World is a very silly little point and click detective adventure in which you investigate the death of a victim who’s had his head bashed in with an iron kettle.

Murder 38 was created by the same dev behind the fantastic How to Cope With Boredom and Loneliness, and although it doesn’t quite reach the heights of hilarity of Nigel Wimble’s reporting, it’s still a very funny experience with some very witty writing. It parody’s big budget detective shows as you help Detective John Dammit and the rather unfortunately named Detective Mavis Biche track down a killer who’s beaten a man to death with a kettle.

You travel to various locations and uncover clues and some very strange twists as you track down the killer, all the while accompanied by charming pixel art and full voice acting. It’s the dialogue and deliberately dodgy voice acting that are the standout in Murder 38 – packed full of wit, knowing nods to procedural detective dramas and cheesy CSI-style one liners like “looks like someone’s had a birthday, and died”.

Taking around 15 minutes to complete, it’s a funny little tale full of mystery, coincidence and great humor. A fabulously funny little outing for Dammit and Biche.

Download Murder 39 – Episode One: A Small World Here (Windows)