Murder at Fernwright Manor – Game Jam Build Download

Murder at Fernwright Manor is a stylish Poirot-esque first person murder mystery in which you take on the role of a detective who has been sent to investigate the murder of a governor at a party.

In Murder at Fernwright Manor you turn up at the manor in question and find the governor lying dead with a knife in his back and five suspects who all had the means and the motive to do it. You must chat to the guests and gather evidence which you can then link together to form a case against the culprit. There are a lot of clues and plenty of red herrings, so you’ll have to pay attention and weed out the information that’s important – it’s not enough to just name a culprit you’ll also need to back it up with evidence if you don’t want them to walk off scot-free.

As it was built during a short time for a game jam, Murder at Fernwright Manor does have quite a few rough edges (overlapping text mainly), but the art style is very cool and the detective-based gameplay really makes you feel like you’ve stepped into an Agatha Christie novel. A fun little whodunnit, well worth investigating.

Download Murder at Fernwright Manor Here (Windows)