Murder Begone – Student Project Game

Murder Begone is a short puzzle adventure that sees you scrambling to dispose of any evidence that can connect you to the dead body in your motel room before the police arrive.

In Murder Begone you wake up on the floor of a motel with the bloody body of your friend lying next to you. You have no idea what happened but you do know your friend was a police officer the chatter on her police radio indicates that the police are on route to your motel room. You now have to dispose of any evidence of you being there and escape before the police arrive.

There isn’t an awful lot of evidence to dispose of, but you don’t have much time and you can only carry one item at a time. This also means that you can only leave the scene of the crime with one object, so you’ll have to find other ways to dispose of the rest of the evidence.

The fact that there’s only a few pieces of evidence to dispose of is a little disappointing but the visuals are excellent, it’s a great premise and it can be pretty tense as you try to clear up the scene before the police arrive. It’d be great to see it expanded on in the future – perhaps with randomly generated clues and more ways to dispose of them, but even in its current form it’s a fun little game. Can you get away with murder?

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Murder Begone Here (Windows)