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Murder Mansion is a short and fun PS1 era Resident Evil inspired adventure horror in which you attempt to rescue a girl from a zombie infested mansion.

In Murder Mansion you control a Jill Valentine-styled special operative who enters a mansion filled with shambling zombies and discovers that there’s a defenceless little girl holed up in one of the rooms. What follows is a fun little Resident Evil-inspired zombie shooting adventure, complete with retro PS1 era visuals, static camera angles and rudimentary puzzles.

Murder Mansion is more of a nostalgic bit of fun than a scary horror adventure, thanks mainly to the games tongue-in-cheek humor and easily fooled AI that makes the zombies very easy to pick off. Not a challenge by any means, but a great little slice of retro survival horror well worth checking out for some old school zombie blasting fun.

Check Out a Full Playthrough of Murder Mansion Here

Download Murder Mansion Here (Win, Mac & Linux)

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