Murdering – Game Jam Build Download


Murdering, a macabre game made for the Community Jam 2015, has you leading a flock of crows to food, and these birds aren’t interested in eating seeds!

In this challenging game, you play as a group of crows; also called a murder. Your murder is quite hungry. You must locate some prey. Once you have found a person, the next issue is with killing them. Clearly, as a flock of birds, you cannot really kill a human. So you must rely on the help of wolves.

This means that you must find prey, start crowing, and keep the prey in the screen. Most of the time, if the human hears you crowing, it will start to run away. You must follow it on your screen while calling out for some help. Soon, wolves will start to chase the human. Once they have had their dine, it will be your flock’s turn at some food. Find humans fast, as if you wait too long your flock will start to fall to the ground.

The mix of grim objectives and great pixel art animation add quite a bit of atmosphere to this game. A fun game where you murder people to feed your murder of crows.

Download Murdering Here (Win Only)