Murderous Pursuits – Open Beta

Murderous Pursuits is now in open Beta so now everyone can join in the Victorian multiplayer murdering fun.

As we mentioned on Alpha Beta Gamer during the closed Beta, Murderous Pursuits is a multiplayer stealth assassination game from the creators of The Ship. In the game you are given free rein to explore a large Victorian ship called the HMCS Britannic and you have to sneak up on targets and murder them. However, not only are you the hunter, but you’re the hunted too – other players will be looking to assassinate you so you need to blend in and keep a low profile, then choose an opportune moment to strike.

It’s an impressive game that feels like a great evolution of the multiplayer murder of The Ship. There’s lots of different ways to blend in and a nice selection of weapons to find and bump off your targets with. The Beta will be live until until Sun April 22nd 9pm Pacific Time, so join in now to set sail for some Murderous Pursuits.

Download The Murderous Pursuits Open Beta Here (Steam)