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Muses Sexton

Muses Sexton, a grave digging free-form poetry game made for the Adventure Jam, has you deciding where to bury the dead, then creating personal epitaphs based on your surroundings.

It is your job to bury the dead around this snowy landscape you are in. There are different landmarks around which you can bury the coffins by. These landmarks will then inspire the poetry that you can write on the gravestone for that person. First, you must pick a flat part of the area and dig it up. Once you have the grave dug, you can bring a coffin over to it and bury it. Once it is buried, look around at the black dots swirling around you. These dots will show you the inspiration for this poem. From there, you are able to pick lines of poetry to put on the grave. Once you have picked out three, the gravestone will be complete and you can move on.

There is quite a bit to explore in this land, from churches to hidden snow tunnels, and even other graves and coffins. You can bring your wagon of coffins around to make your job easier, steering it wherever you go. When you carry a coffin in your hands, you walk a bit slower, so moving the cart is a good idea if you are burying it far away from the cart.

It’s an interesting game, with beautiful low poly visuals and a very unique premise.  Bury all of the dead before moving on. Spend some time thinking about how the lines of poetry will work together in the end – these poems are the last thing left for the dead.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download Muses Sexton Here (Win & Mac)