Museum of FPS – Game Jam Build Download

Museum of FPS is a short and silly little game where you help a sentient rocket launcher escape from a first person shooter museum.

Created for the FZ Game Jam 2020, the Museum of FPS is set in a museum from a different dimension, which showcases relics of an ancient civilization. A civilization that bears a remarkable similarity to some classic 90s FPS games, such as Quake. There’s one relic from that bygone age that is fed up of being trapped in the museum though – a sentient rocket launcher – and you’re about to help him escape!

The gameplay in Museum of FPS is fairly simple – you just wait until the security guards aren’t looking then do whatever it is that the rocket launcher asks of you. The guards do have a very keen eye though so it can be quite hard to avoid their gaze.

It would be nice if the museum was a little larger and contained relics of a few more games, but it’s a fun little game with a great sense of humor. A quirky little heist game where the target wants to be stolen!

Download Museum of FPS Here (Windows)