Museum of Parallel Art – Game Jam Build

the museum of parrallel art

Museum of Parallel Art, a two player experiment made for the One Game a Month, has you visiting an art museum and expressing your feelings with cards to see how much you are in sync with another player.

With a friend or even a stranger, you are going to be able to take a trip to a virtual art museum. First, one player is able to walk around the museum, leaving a card at each art piece. These cards do not have words on them, but instead different pictures – like sleeping cats, huge smiles, or a giant eye. The other player must not watch during this. After you have placed one card at each art piece, the other player will get a turn. They can either try to play the same card as you, or express their own feelings towards the art with their cards.

After both players have placed their cards, you are able to go and see what each other placed. You can talk about what the art means to you and what you interpreted the different cards to mean. With a database of over 200 pictures and tons of cards, each museum visit is very different. Museum of Parallel Art is a unique experience that’s sure to stir up some interesting and meaningful conversation – it may even help you get to know someone better.

Download or Play Museum of Parallel Art Here (Win, Mac Linux & Browser)