Musical Chairs With Bulldozers – Game Jam Build

Musical Chairs With Bulldozers is a wonderfully chaotic blend of heavy machinery, musical chairs and physics based carnage that sees you fighting to be the last one sitting in a scrapyard.

Created for the Dreamhack Atlanta Jam, where the theme was “single player battle Royale”, Musical Chairs With Bulldozers is very much what the its title suggests – musical chairs with bulldozers! It’s played out over three rounds, with a decreasing amount of chairs available in each one. If you die you’ll just respawn, but if you fail to reach a seat before they all fill up then it’s game over.

The cranes and the bulldozers that litter the battlefield have a few uses – they can squash your opponents, they can clear scrap cars out of your way and they can be used to stand on. Standing on the vehicles is particularly handy as the chairs that you have to reach are kept high up until the music stops, so if you’re standing on something tall you’ll be able to grab a seat quicker.

It’s pretty rough around the edges and it can be extremely hard to grab that final seat, but it’s a fun game with a fantastic amount of chaos and physics based carnage. Everything’s better with bulldozers, and musical chairs is no exception!

Download Musical Chairs With Bulldozers Here (Windows)