Mutiny! – Alpha Demo

Mutiny! game

Mutiny! is a chaotic multiplayer pirate brawler that lets you sail the 77 seas with a crew of friends, with chaotic combat, weapons, power-up, pig riding and even the ability to sail your ship and fire cannons at enemy ships!

In Mutiny! your ship is your battle ground, as you and your friends fend off hordes of attacking pirates with gameplay that’s inspired by Powerstone, Super Smash Bros, Bomberman and Fat Princess.  There’s a nice selection of weaponry and power-ups, including a captains hat which turns you into the ships captain and a pig which you can ride around deck, crushing the invading enemy.

What’s also impressive is the amount of interactable objects on your ship, with you able to load and fire cannons, swing from ropes and even take to the wheel to captain your ship, firing your cannons and sinking your attackers fleet.16 player local multiplayer will be available through the use of controllers and Mobile Sync (Turning your phone into a controller), so life at sea won’t be lonely.

With chaotic combat, cool power-ups and intractable environments, life on the ocean wave certainly isn’t dull – it’s a (cannon) blast!

Check out the Kickstarter page HERE

Download the Pre-Alpha Demo HERE