Mutropolis – Beta Demo

Mutropolis is a beautifully animated lighthearted post-apocalyptic point and click adventure which follows a group of archaeologists in the 50th century, who research the past, discovering ancient Humphrey Bogart movies and rare treasures bearing the hallmark “Made in China”.

Mutropolis is a funny hand drawn point and click adventure that takes place in a distant future where humanity has long forgotten the present era. The game follows a band of archaeologists in the 50th century who are keen to uncover the secrets of the past (our present) as they search for a mythical missing Atlantis-esque city called Mutropolis (which looks an awful lot like New York). They’re a tallented group, but their interpretations of the archeological finds they make can be a little off – such as the way they believe the ancient Indiana Jones movies are factual documentaries.

The Mutropolis demo takes place in a cave that the group of archeologists are researching, with you taking control of a particularly nerdy one called Henry. The majority of the time is spent searching and interrogating the rest of the team as Henry attempts to track down a trowel he’s particularly fond of. It’s a fun introduction to the characters and you do actually make a groundbreaking discovery once you’ve finished faffing about with your trowel!

It could do with some voice acting, but other than that Mutropolis is shaping up to be an excellent point and click adventure with a great sense of humor, beautiful visuals, interesting characters and fun puzzles to solve. A witty and beautifully drawn archeology point and click adventure well worth digging into.

Download The Mutropolis Beta Demo Here (Windows & Mac)