My Baby PC – Game Jam Build Download


My Baby PC, a strange game made for the Weirder Things Jam, has you exploring an old computer and unearthing some files that really should be left well alone!

Warning: Spoilers ahead, we highly recommend playing the game before reading on.

After booting up your charming little retro desktop, everything seems bright and happy. It has a couple of games on it – a simple break out clone and a shooter type game. Those will entertain you for a while, but soon you will want to see what else is in the PC. Surely, this isn’t all of the things that are on it. If you search hard enough, you might be able to find some settings that allow you to open new folders and the trash bin.

Instead the trash bin there is an interesting, glitched-out looking icon. If you restore it to the desktop, everything changes. This cute looking computer becomes quite creepy, almost as if it is possessed. The screen goes away, and all you can see are strange images. You are able to solve each of these images by lighting specific things on fire.

It’s quirky little game with a fun blend of charming retro computing and creepy computer possession.  Well worth delving into to discover its dark secrets.

Note: The triangle screen (as shown at the end of the gameplay video) seems to be the end screen, after that it just starts to loop. Although if you exit the game and restart, the PC will have a new background and isn’t quite as cute looking as the original!

Check Out a My Baby PC Gameplay Video Here

Download My Baby PC Here (Win Only)