My Beautiful Paper Smile – Beta Demo

My Beautiful Paper Smile is a surreal hand drawn psychological horror game set in a dystopian world run by a mad king who wants every child to be perfect and forces them to wear a giant happy smile.

In My Beautiful Paper Smile you follow the adventure of one of the “Joyous” who are locked up in a strange facility that’s dedicated to creating perfect, happy children. While helping children become happy may be an admirable pursuit in our world, in the dark dystopian world of My Beautiful Paper Smile things get pretty weird and nightmarish.

The children in the facility are all forced to wear a paper mask with a huge “happy” smile on it at all times (even when asleep). They’re also kept locked up for most of the day, until they are taken out to carry out tests to ensure that no other emotions populate their head other than happiness.

It goes without saying that the facility is a pretty horrific place to be locked up in then, which is why your character is planning to make an escape, along with his buddy and a mysterious entity that aids him. To escape you’ll have to solve puzzles, sneak past the authorities and avoid a terrifying faceless monster that pursues you.

The current build of My Beautiful Paper Smile takes around 30 minutes to play through and is a stylish, riveting and horrifying experience. The lore of the dystopian world you live in is fascinating and the surreal hand drawn visuals give the game a nightmarish quality. It’s a very disturbing experience that really gets under your skin. Highly recommended.

Check Out a Gameplay Video Here

Download The My Beautiful Paper Smile Beta Demo Here (Steam)