My Familiar – Beta Demo

My Familiar is a lighthearted fantasy buddy cop RPG adventure set in a trash filled world filled with dysfunctional demons.

In My Familiar you are a strange looking demonic rat-like creature who washes up on the shores of a city filled with trash and odd looking demons called Dulgas. After a little exploration you figure out that you aren’t in Texas anymore and that the only way to escape is to make your way through the city and climb to the top of a tower that looms in the distance.

Unfortunately most of the city’s inhabitants aren’t very helpful (and a lot are spoiling for a fight), but you do run into one down-on-his-luck raging alcoholic private investigator. He’s a little grumpy too, but he may allow you to tag along as an assistant if you can stick to his rules…

The actual turn-based RPG combat in My Familiar is pretty simple (and a little on the easy side) and it could do with a little more interaction with the environments. But other than that it’s a very promising game with lots of witty writing, fun characters and some excellent gags. The pixel artwork for the environments and characters are particularly impressive, and there are some very original character designs. You’ll have a blast cleaning up in this filthy city! Highly recommended.

Check Out a My Familiar Gameplay Video Here

Download The My Familiar Beta Demo Here (Steam)