My Friend Bubba – Game Jam Build Download

My Friend Bubba game

My Friend Bubba, a super fun game made for the Ludum Dare 37, in which you become a child and use your imagination and a few props to play with your best friend Bubba.

Your friend Bubba has come over to play and you two can play with anything in your room! You want to have fun with your friend and maybe discover all the different games you guys can play. To do this, you must pick up items around the room and see what they do. Sometimes picking up an item will cause your friend to start playing a game, if they are interested in it. You can do things like stack blocks, jump on the bed, shoot nerf guns, and draw on the walls.

Sometimes, playing games in a specific order or interacting with some toys after you have done something else will unlock a different game to play. Children have a wild imagination! At the end of each day, you will get stars based on what games you’ve managed to play. These achievements hint at the other games that you can unlock through the children’s imagination.

There’s a wonderful childlike joy to My Friend Bubba, with it’s charming wobbly characters, vibrant visuals and gameplay that revolves around using your imagination and just having fun. It’s a great little game that’s certain to make you smile – with so much to discover and play around with, you’ll enjoy being a kid again!

Download My Friend Bubba Here (Win Only)