My Last Friday – Alpha Demo

My Last Friday game

My Last Friday is a great new first person horror adventure in which you wake up trapped in an old house, full of puzzles to solve and gruesome monsters to fight as you try to escape.

You play Howard Goodson, an ordinary man who wakes up on the floor of a sinister old house, filled with blood stains, corpses and body parts.  As you explore the house it soon becomes apparent that you are but a player in someone’s morbid game, with you solving puzzles and following the trail of clues that have been laid out for you.

You’re not alone into his house, there are some particularly hideous looking creatures that would love to tear you limb from limb.  But thankfully this isn’t another flashlight-wielding run-away-from-the-monster game, in My Last Friday you can (and have to) stand and fight instead of hiding in the shadows.

My Last Friday is still early in development, but the Alpha Demo is excellent, offering up intelligent puzzles, grotesque visuals and a particularly terrifying monster to take on.  A well crafted nightmare that actually allows you to fight the monsters instead of just running away from them.

Check Out a Gameplay Video HERE

Download the My Last Friday Alpha Demo HERE (Windows Only)