My Legs Got Tubed – Game Jam Build

My Legs Got Tubed is a very silly little physics based platformer that sees you using your arms to propel you over obstacles after a hospital mishap has left you with no legs.

In My Legs Got Tubed you take control of a poor little stickman whose legs accidentally got sent through the tube system of a hospital during surgery. You can still shuffle your torso left and right using the A and D keys though and you can use the mouse to control your arms and propel you up into the air and over obstacles.

The current build of My Legs Got Tubed is pretty rough around the edges and only has two short levels (a third is planned), but it’s a fun little game with a quirky control scheme and a great premise. The level design is fairly simple at the moment, but It’d be nice to see it expanded into a Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy-esque rage quit platformer to really test out what feats of agility you can pull off with just your arms. Well worth checking out for some silly stickman fun.

Download My Legs Got Tubed Here (Windows & Mac)