My Magical Friend – Game Jam Build Download

My Magical Friend, a summoning-based puzzler made for the Winnipeg Winter Game Jam, sees you using your giant skeleton arm, some raw ingredients and a witches summoning area to create a friend!

In My Magical Friend you control a lonely skeleton, unable to communicate with the witch that created you. Needing a friend, you decide to take matters into your own skeleton hands – by creating your own friend with the items around you! The witch has left various books around which were clearly used to summon you, so it shouldn’t be that hard to create your own friend.

The only issue is – what items does it take to summon a skeleton? You know you need 8 different items, but not all of the items are in the room. The witch must have only made enough for her to create one of you. So you need to combine a few objects to get the desired ones and try them out in the main summoning circle.  There are also smaller hexes that can alter objects slightly, giving you even more combinations to play around with.

My Magical Friend is a wonderful little puzzler with super cute graphics, a pretty friendly (but clueless) witch, and lots of strange things to create. You can’t leave your little skeleton without a friend and the witch clearly doesn’t understand your needs, so good luck trying to understand the notes and find the right combination yourself!

Download My Magical Friend Here (Windows & Mac)