My Own Little Planet – Alpha Demo

My Own Little Planet

My Own Little Planet is a beautifully drawn rage inducing platforming adventure in which you play a lost little boy who must face his deepest fears in order to escape from the nightmarish world he’s trapped in.

My Own Little Planet is very tough game, packed full of horrible ways to die that you won’t see coming – you’ll most likely die 20 times before you make it past the first 20 steps in the first level. Each level is as much a test of your memory as it is you platforming skills as you have to remember where the hazards are and how to avoid them.

As well as being fiendishly difficult, My Own Little Planet also impresses with its creepy atmosphere and stylish 2D paper craft visuals that are fondly reminiscent of Don’t Starve. The game’s nightmarish world is a rather unsettling place to explore and you’re never sure what horrible monsters or deadly traps await just out of sight. It’s a stylish and scary platforming adventure well worth checking out – be prepared to die a LOT though!

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Download The My Own Little Planet Alpha Demo Here (Windows)