My Uncle Merlin – Kickstarter Demo

My Uncle Merlin is a very funny blend of space exploration, narrative adventure and RPG in which you play a young apprentice wizard who flies around space with a dragon powered rocket ship making morally questionable decisions.

In My Uncle Merlin you take on the role of Eddie, an apprentice wizard who is being (badly) mentored by his uncle – the 7th most powerful wizard in the Universe. While having such a powerful wizard along with you for the ride may sound like a godsend, it’s really not, as he’s a bone idle old fart who really can’t be bothered getting his hands dirty. Looks like it’s up to you to deal with everything the Universe throws at you then…

The current build of My Uncle Merlin sees you searching the galaxy for clues as to the whereabouts of a thief who has stolen a valuable artefact from the “Royal University for Arcane Arts and Traffic Safety”. It offers up a sizeable chunk of gameplay, with you flying around space in your dragon powered rocket ship and encountering all manner of oddball characters – from a ruthless slave trader to a powerful god who wants to play Truth or Dare.

Along the way you may pick up passengers, complete mini-quests, level up your stats and collect/purchase useful items. However a lot of the time, you’ll need to make some morally questionable decisions to get what you want. These can range from stealing a telescope from an old man to feeding your uncle Merlin to the dragon that powers your ship.

Even in this early build My Uncle Merlin is a joy to play, packed full of great artwork, quirky characters, twisted humor and humorous twists. A wonderfully wicked wizardly space oddity well worth checking out.

Check Out The Kickstarter & Download the Alpha Demo Build Here (Windows)